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All training topics listed below are available for delivery in the Standard Arrangement Training Package, each course includes 3 hours of instruction.  All session content can be customized to tailor fit the unique needs of any organization.

Youth Development

Tools For Working With At-Risk Boys

This workshop content provides methods for assessing the needs of at-risk boys.  Class discussions focus on outreach, retention and best practice approaches for addressing issues plaguing adolescent boys.  Techniques will assist participants in designing services that will help boys better cope with academic, social and emotional challenges.  The class session will include a combination of real life case study analysis and engaging demonstrations and scenarios.  Recommended support services will encourage and facilitate paths for at-risk boys to develop a positive outlook for the future and lay the foundation for moving forward.

Working With Hard To Reach Youth

Class instruction will provide techniques to identify signs of student detachment in the classroom setting.  Participants will explore strategies to engage hard to reach students using a variety of teaching methods.  Discussion will include an assessment of visual aids and hands-on practice to appeal to all learning styles and senses.  Techniques examined will support an enriching and inclusive learning experience for both student and instructor.

Organizational Development 

Board Development                                 

Thinking about enhancing the skills of your Board of Directors?  Wondering how to recruit, retain and ensure board effectiveness?  This workshop will explore the techniques for recruiting board members, orientatng board members and guiding them toward understanding the expectations, roles and responsibilities and strategies of a successful board.  Discussion will include important state regulations that govern non-profit organizations.  Participants will discuss and assess their current board structure, identify necessary changes and learn how to implement change.

Budget Development

Managing organizational finances is often a daunting task.  This workshop is designed to help beginners understand how to prepare an operational budget.  Discussion will include the relationship between the budget and the organizational plan, how to develop a budget, how to create a budget narrative and how to continuously manage a budget.

Effective Grant Writing

Tried and True Techniques – This workshop introduces strategies that will allow a cool, calm and collected demeanor when developing a grant proposal.  Participants will walk away with confidence and a basic understanding of generic areas of most proposals.  The training covers the key components of a proposal, a need or problem statement, goals and objectives and methodology of program planning.  The session will also include discussion of grant proposal styles, format and submission.

Funding Search

This workshop teaches participants how to link organizational goals to a search for foundation and corporate funding.  Information will include identification of potential local, state and national funding sources.  Workshop discussion will include steps for organizing a resource development search.

How to Start a Non-Profit

This session provides the basic “how to” information for starting a non-profit organization.  Discussion will include steps for developing and understanding the difference between an organization’s vision and mission.  Participants will review the required forms, documents and explore ways to access potential seed money.

Program Evaluation

Effective evaluation is critical to fund development, program development and program implementation.  Your programs will operate more effectively when you learn the importance of evaluation, appropriate assessment tools and the components of a good evaluation plan.  Find out how to link the evaluation to the program objectives.  Participants will explore how easy it is to collect data, use it to fine-tune programs and share outcomes with stakeholders, including funders.

Non-Profit Administration I  –  Management and Governance

Build your agency infrastructure and align activities to produce accountability and positive outcomes.  Participants will explore the concept of non-profit organizations and how to build a successful workforce within your organization.  Topics covered include: human resource requirements, organizational systems, workforce development and staff retention.

Non-Profit Administration II  –  Policies, Procedures and Practices

Learn how to empower and motivate your staff to achieve quality outcomes through policies, procedures and practices that are critical to operating an effective organization.  Participants will interact and discuss communications, financial systems, risk management and quality management.

Program Development

Hunt for Good Curriculum

Research shows that curriculum based programs yield better outcomes for youth.  This session provides a comprehensive examination of research-based curricula designed to assist youth workers in delivering high quality programs.  Workshop content will provide guidelines for evaluating, selecting and purchasing curricula.  Participants will review samples of best practice curricula for both academic and enrichment topic areas that include prevention, nutrition & fitness, financial literacy and others.

Let’s Play

Are the kids in your program having fun?  Are they learning through engaging activities?   This  hands-on workshop offers participants an opportunity to experience the power of play through actual practice.    Workshop content will cover a variety of interactive activities taught in a disguised learning framework that will lead to the positive development of youth.  Session content provides ideas for immediate implementation that are sure to keep youth coming back for more.  Learn games and activities that are quality tested, kid approved.

Parent Engagement

This comprehensive and innovative workshop is designed to assist participants in developing a holistic understanding of “Parent Involvement”.  Research indicates that engaged parents increase school retention, builds stronger community partners and enhances school administration support.  Build trusting relationships with families through frequent and positive communication.  Learn techniques to stock an activity toolkit, solicit family input, address family needs and promote program growth with parents.

Cultural Awareness

Equip staff members with the tools to engage, impact and create healthy relationships with students, parents and the community through interactive learning experiences.  The instruction will include key factors and strategies for creating a culturally sensitive learning environment that will enhance student achievement.  Content will provide a definition of a broad culture and will provide a forum for understanding the culture of the students and families at their home site.  Participants will explore methods to help eliminate barriers and create an amenable and diverse cultural environment.

Quality Youth Programs

Discover the secrets to operating high quality and successful youth programs.  What do youth want?  What do youth need?  Topics will cover the essential components of quality youth programs and specific youth development strategies that can be incorporated into organizational programs.  This interactive session will give a step-by-step framework for developing and delivering constructive activities that attract and retain student attention.  Session instruction will cover both academic and enrichment activities.

Workshop Series Category

Grant Writing Series

Have an innovative idea for a project or program, but need funding?  Here are questions to consider:

  • How and where do I start looking for funds?
  • How do I identify and address the need or problem?
  • How do I develop a realistic program design?
  • How do I connect a program plan to the budget?
  • How do I measure success?

Session instruction provides an understanding of how the answers to these questions relate to each other to form the foundation of a solid grant proposal.  All class sessions are interactive and support materials will be provided.

Youth Worker Methods Series

A critical part of program improvement is training program managers and staff to exhibit high performance skills.  The High/Scope-Youth Worker Methods courses provide front line workers with the skill building techniques for delivering a framework of outcome-based youth program interventions.  An introduction to the Pyramid of Program Quality is an examination of strategies and methods for youth engagement and techniques for creating a supportive and safe environment.

The approach is a set of active and participatory learning methods that support youth success, involve youth in creating their own success and builds the skills of youth to achieve success.

This three-day series will provide strategies for building a community of stronger relationships with youth through effective questioning, active listening, incorporating choice and steps for creating challenging learning experiences.

Life Skills

The Life Skills training curriculum is designed for youth workers, teachers, counselors and parents.  Participants will receive high quality training from a certified experienced instructor.  The Life Skills training is engaging, interactive and provides an abundance of tools to take back to the work setting.  The curriculum includes skill building techniques to help youth realize their true image, develop good decision making and manageable coping skills.

Youth Employability Skills Training

This series provides a comprehensive exploration of techniques for securing and maintaining viable employment.  Course content will cover job search methods; completing applications, resume development, interviewing skills and job retention strategies.  Through engaging and practical activities,  basic financial management practices and procedures are introduced.  Students will examine employee income tax contributions and will review typical benefits and payroll deductions.  Instruction will cover job performance evaluation practices and stress the importance of setting career goals and making positive decisions.

This 4 workbook curriculum contains hands-on activities and exercises which provide youth with real world scenarios.  Each student will receive the workbooks, hand outs and support materials.

Additional Topic Areas   

  •    Strategic Planning
  •    Team Building
  •    Presentation Skills
  •    Advocacy


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