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Michigan School-Age Youth Development Certificate

The Youth Development Commission offers youth workers assistance and support to augment their skill sets.  Youth Worker certification is available by the state of Michigan through the Michigan School-Age Youth Development Certificate program.   The Commission offers a series of trainings aligned with the core competency requirement areas for the state certificate.  We assist youth workers in assessing their application status and completing the application process for acquiring the certification.

Youth Worker Development

Youth worker and volunteer training services are designed to increase the capacity of non-profit organizations.  Emphasis is placed on the delivery of high quality programs.  Our Train-the-Trainer (TOT) staff has been trained and certified in the Youth Work Methods sanctioned by the David P. Weikart Center for Youth Development.  This certification is evidence of our capabilities to teach best practice methods and provide implementation tools and techniques that foster positive youth development outcomes.  We are committed to ensuring that young people are served by the most qualified professionals.

Customized Training and Technical Assistance

The Youth Development Commission’s Customized Training Services is designed to build  the capacity of organizations through personalized training and technical assistance.  This training and support addresses the specific needs of organizations in five critical areas of capacity building:


Organizational Development

Program Development

Revenue Development Strategies

Community Engagement

Workshops are designed, refined and facilitated by Commission staff who have expertise in the relevant areas.  Our degreed professional staff has the education and experience to provide on-going professional development opportunities and they remain on the cutting edge of trends and best practices.  Through our customized training and technical assistance, we have enhanced the skills of over 300 neighborhood youth service providers through workshops and consultant services.

For more information on Customized Training, please contact Ms. Patricia Bridges, Program Director, at (313) 963-8916 or


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