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The Youth Development Commission provides youth, communities and schools a safe and productive place to have youth/community “voice” during normal operating hours and after-hours by appointment. During the school year we offer trainings, education and development to the community at-large. We provide positive opportunities for youth, adult and peer interactions. Trained staff and volunteers supervise activities and organize events that reflect the needs and requests of the youth and the community.
Who can come to the McNeil Empowerment Center (MEC)?
Anyone with a passion for youth development and seeking community resources.

When is it open?
Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. After-hours and Saturdays can be scheduled by advance appointment.

What is needed to be at the McNeil Empowerment Center (MEC)?
There is no money needed to visit the McNeil Empowerment Center (MEC). It is FREE!
But… we do need all youth/parents to complete a permission slip (Click here to print the form). Hopefully, youth will bring a desire to interact with other teens in a positive way, willingly participate in activities, accept academic assistance – as needed and have FUN.

Who staffs the McNeil Empowerment Center (MEC)?
YDC Youth Development Coaches, trained volunteers and additional YDC employees.

What can youth do at the McNeil Empowerment Center (MEC)?
In one large room we provide a safe space for plenty of resources, fun and games! Communities and schools have access to training, education and development opportunities such as: group games, art projects, discussion groups, contests, community service activities, recreation, field trips and much more! When not engaged in group activities, youth and families are free to make use of our room with mobile netbook devices, arts and craft supplies, board games, monitored computer stations, age-appropriate video games, movies and more!

Where is the McNeil Empowerment Center (MEC)?
The McNeil Empowerment Center (MEC) is located inside of the Youth Development Commission’s office building
1641 Porter St.
Detroit, Michigan 48201

Talk to us for more information.
Feel free to come in and tour our space and/or meet our staff. If you would like to visit outside of the McNeil Empowerment Center (MEC) operating hours, please call to make an appointment.


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