Y.E.S. Program





Youth program participants will have access to multiple resources which guide a successful transition to adult roles and responsibilities.The Youth Development Commission (YDC) has been contracted by the Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation (DESC) to coordinate the city’s youth employment and training program.  In this role, the  YDC will implement and manage the Youth Employment Solutions (Y.E.S.) Program.  The overall purpose of the Y.E.S. Program is to coordinate a high quality, positive youth development experience through the vehicles of employment and training.

Our vision is to help Detroit youth develop and pursue their potential for a meaningful and productive life, regardless of the circumstances or barriers they face

Target Population

The Y.E.S. Program targets youth ages 14-21 who are Detroit residents, low income and face specific barriers to educational and employment success.  These barriers include:

  • Basic Skills Deficient/Behind a grade level/ School Dropout
  • Homeless or Runaway
  • Offender/Criminal Record
  • Pregnant or Parenting Youth
  • Foster Care Youth
  • Youth with a Disability

The program will help youth develop the work readiness skills needed to enter the labor force.  To become a Y.E.S. Program participant, youth MUST be determined eligible for the program and properly certified (registered) by the Youth Development Commission.

Worksite Requirements

Organizations and companies that agree to serve as worksites for the Y.E.S. Program are to provide youth participants a supervised quality work experience.  To become a qualified worksite, organizations must complete the Worksite Development process which includes:

1)  Site Visit and Evaluation

2)  Execution of Non-Financial Worksite Agreement (NFWA)

3)  Worksite Orientation

For more information, please refer to the Worksite Interest section on this website under the “YES Program” tab.

Youth Wages and Hours

In addition to ongoing year-round trainings and activities, youth participants will receive a 6-week paid experience during the summer or school year.  The wages for the youth participants will be $7.50 per hour and will be paid through the Y.E.S. Program.  Youth ages 14-18 will be allowed to work 20 hours per week and youth ages 19-21 will be allowed 25 hours per week.  Youth participants are to work Monday – Thursday and will receive a 6 week paid experience.

For More Information

For more information about the Y.E.S. Program, please contact the Youth Development Commission at (313) 962-4956 x229.