"Youth Development Commission"

"Preparing Detroit's Youth for College & Career Success"

Mission Statement

“The Youth Development Commission enhances the lives of children and youth, provides quality programs and services, and strengthens the skills of those who serve them.”

Who We Are

The Youth Development Commission is a non-profit, 501 (c) (3), organization which provides various services to Detroit children, youth and their families.  Our focus is College and Career Readiness.  We focus on preparing young people for personal and educational challenges.  We also inform and assist parents of strategies and methods to support their youth’s progress.

YDC was established and incoporated in March 1995 as an initiative of the Skillman Foundation to be an intermediary and lead significant improvements in the quality and quantity of sports, recreation and developmental services for youth.

YDC remains a leader as we shift our focus toward College and Career Readiness, preparing Detroit youth to be successful as contributing members to society.


What We Do

YDC provides services and programs that guide youth, ages 8-21, toward College and Career Readiness.  We assist as they achieve personal goals and become productive citizens.  Our varied programs take place before school, during school hours, after school, weekends, during school breaks and during the summer.  Youth have almost 185 days and many hours each day of free time.  We provide high-quality programs that offer:

- a safe environment
- help to strengthen academic skills
- positive relationships with peers and adults
- skills development and exploration of interests
- time for recreation and unstructured play
- development of positive character traits and life skills
- transportation
- free meals